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Witness the Strength of Natural Language Processing

Healthcare data is waiting. Almost 80% of a patient’s information is locked inside unstructured data. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Health Fidelity’s NLP engine, Lumanent Insights, works for both payers and providers to create a more holistic view into patient populations. Getting these critical insights into a community’s health status offers numerous benefits, including the keys to improve a patient’s health.

With NLP, volume and maturity through specific training is everything. That’s why Lumanent Insights is in a category of one, having processed over 157.3 million separate clinical records, (approximately 3.1 billion pages of material) while supporting 9.8 million lives with a greater than 95% success rate for capturing the correct risk category.

The End of Silos

Lumanent EHR Integrated NLP

Integrated at Every Level

Lumanent is interoperable with all major EHR products. Aggregate 100% of available patient information to ensure you have all the necessary information for risk adjustment analysis.

NLP Health Fidelity Lumanent

Always Improving

Our terminology engine and inference algorithms provide ongoing feedback to allow for regular improvements. New rules and algorithms routinely improve precision and recall to focus users on the most important actions.

Health Fidelity NLP Lumanent Insights


Seamlessly connect to Lumanent workflow applications for integrated plug-and-play capabilities.

The Health Fidelity Difference

Lumanent Insights has been road-tested and trained using data from millions of actual
patient medical records; an important factor in NLP engine output quality. Be assured that our technology is scalable, viable, and uniquely fine-tuned for healthcare.

NLP Utilization KPIs


Client Lives Supported


Avg. Correct Risk Category Capture


Client Clinical Records Processed


Partnership Spotlight

“We chose to partner with Health Fidelity because of the qualifications of its team, its substantial experience with our engine, and its vision for natural language processing as an essential technology to empower and advance healthcare.”

Dr. Carol Friedman
Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Columbia University Medical Center

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