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The volume and complexity of individual patient records, from claims to lab results, increases annually. However, the vast majority of this data is unstructured and difficult to harness; obscuring the understanding and completeness of patient intelligence. That’s why Health Fidelity uses the most advanced clinical NLP on the market to read, analyze, and provide actionable insights from that data to our partners. These insights are used everywhere from preparing for a patient visit to final claim review.

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Risk Understood

Lumanent moves all available patient data through two levels of its artificial intelligence engine, Lumanent Insights. Across payer and provider organizations, Lumanent Insights has supported well over 9.6 million lives,  processed 139.2+ million clinical records (2.7 billion pages), and assesses the correct risk category more than 95% of the time.

Payers and providers alike enjoy the benefits of that engine through distinct workflows designed to meet their respective needs, whether that’s clinical suspecting prior to the visit for care teams, or customizable two-way code review for claims submission finding revenue and supporting compliance.

Beyond that, across the care continuum, relevant members of the team, from coders, to support staff, to clinicians, are served analytics that help them better perform their specialized function via integrated applications.


With Lumanent, risk is more readily addressed by:

  • Uncovering conditions previously missed or under-documented
  • Serving linked, clinical evidence for those uncovered conditions
  • Flagging unwarranted codes for removal
  • Prioritizing patients for review to maximize efficiency and gap closure

Care Informed

With Lumanent’s provider workflow, risk is re-centered around the patient, bringing a comprehensive picture of their health status and conditions to the clinician, where and when it’s needed with prospective identification of risk adjustable conditions.

All of this leaves the care team unified in understanding the depth and complexity of their patients, more able to plan effective treatment, and, as a result, more empowered to improve patient care.

Retrospective reviews also support this goal. Whether health plans are looking to use Lumanent full time to accurately and completely code an encounter, or providers looking for a one-time retrospective pass to establish new benchmarks, the patient record perpetually improves, becoming a more accurate reflection of health at both the patient and population levels.

Lumanent for Providers:

  • Uncover and close condition identification and risk gaps
  • Facilitate accurate and compliant documentation
  • Integrate into your existing EHR workflow
  • Set and meet new benchmarks
  • Reduce physicians’ non-clinical work burden

Lumanent for Payers:

  • Improve retrospective review accuracy
  • Detect and resolve compliance issues
  • Reduce the cost of retrospective reviews
  • Better harness and utilize clinical information

Have the clarity, control, and confidence to pursue risk.

With Lumanent, your organization can customize your deployment approach, selecting the modules required to effectively manage risk while also supporting compliance and revenue, across multiple patient populations, all while leveraging existing touchpoints.

To learn more about Lumanent, set up an appointment to meet with us at RISE, or visit our booth.

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