Retrieve Clinical Data Remotely with
Lumanent Connect

Safeguard HEDIS and Risk Adjustment Operations While Reducing Costs


To mitigate the disruptions of the COVID-19 crisis, Health Fidelity is offering Lumanent Connect as a stand-alone solution for electronic remote chart retrieval.

Avoid disruptions, acquire medical records remotely.

Medical Record Retrieval Savings Lumanent Connect

Throughout COVID-19, manual chart retrieval has been heavily disrupted by steps taken to limit contact as the public health crisis continues. With an automated, remote extraction tool in place, you can greatly reduce your dependence on traditional chart retrieval methods.

Lumanent Connect is rapidly deployed remotely, highly adaptable, EHR agnostic, and light-weight, with virtually no IT burden. Charts obtained electronically are available in real-time and include all the necessary HEDIS and encounter-level data required for internal operations.

Let us help you tailor Lumanent Connect to your organization’s individual needs.