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A New Approach to Risk for a New Era of Healthcare

Surviving today’s environment as an insurer feels a bit like trying to escape from a pressure cooker. Between regulatory uncertainty, increasing amounts of patient data, industry consolidation, and an aging population, health plans are being pulled to the breaking point by numerous factors.

Healthy Fidelity’s NLP-enabled risk adjustment solution offers insurers a complete and holistic view cutting across all risk adjustment activities to usher in the next generation of risk determination. Break free from the operational constraints to better project, detect, and capture the true risk of your membership across all lines of business.

Transform Risk-Adjustment Operations
with our NLP-Enabled Coding Solution to:

HCC Coding Lumanent Retrospective Review


Improve Accuracy

Lumanent Retrospective Review empowers coders with a clean and prioritized queue to complete two-way records review for evidence-derived up-side and down-side retrospective coding. Included “Manager Mode” provides QA capabilities to ensure that your submission is both complete and accurate.

Lumanent Retrospective Review HCC Coding


Lower Coding Costs

After our NLP weeds out the roughly 40-50% of records without opportunities, Lumanent Retrospective Review directs coders to only those records requiring a manual review; highlighting the relevant sections of the chart containing the evidence and reducing the time required to identify additional codes to be captured.

Lumanent Retrospective Review Health Plans


Better Harness Information

Lumanent Retrospective Review provides coders with a consolidated view of all available records for a member so coders have the most complete context of the patient’s health status when coding.

Health Fidelity HCC Coding Retrospective Review


Effortlessly Scale Across Populations

Our solution works across and understands the nuances of risk-adjusted claims reimbursement for different member populations. Transform an otherwise manual and disparate risk adjustment process into an integrated workflow across Medicare Advantage, ACA Commercial, Managed Medicaid, or Medicare ACO programs.

How to Get There

With Health Fidelity, complete and accurate risk capture is attainable with our modular application suite, customizable to your specific needs and readiness:

Data Acquisition

 Lower the cost and hassle of chart retrieval and medical records management and supply the NLP with the broadest set of documentation available via EMR Link.

Learn More: EMR Link »

Clinical Suspecting

Improve risk score accuracy and enable providers to close diagnosis gaps on suspected conditions with Lumanent Suspects.

Learn More: NLP Suspects »


With Lumanent Retrospective Review, improve the productivity and efficiency of your internal coding staff to manage first or second pass reviews.

Learn More: Payer Coding Suite Overview »

Consolidated Client Outcomes


Increase in Coder Productivity


Increase in Risk Capture


Decrease in Costs

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