Partnership Opportunities

Ready to Realize the Power of Unstructured Data?

Types of Partnerships with Lumanent Insights

Health Fidelity partners with organizations offering value-based care services and solutions across the US, from the large, publicly traded companies to venture-backed, innovative startups, and everyone in between.

They all come to us to leverage the power of the most mature clinically-trained NLP in healthcare to access the roughly 80% of clinical data that’s unstructured and otherwise inaccessible. 

In general, each relationship falls into one of three categories: strategic alliances, integrations, and affiliations.

  • Affiliations include technology and service providers that resell Health Fidelity’s Lumanent solutions outright, fully integrated and packaged with their own offerings.
  • Integrations are direct technological connections, like a point-of-care workflow vendor embedding Health Fidelity’s Lumanent solutions directly into their system to allow easier clinical deployment.
  • Alliances involve partnerships with complementary solutions like population health analytics firms that dramatically expand and deepen their datasets with NLP support via Lumanent Insights.

Why Health Fidelity?

Without Lumanent, even the most sophisticated systems running on the broadest structured datasets are still only accomplishing a fraction of their potential.

The information in medical charts, the unstructured, narrative notes from physicians, lab technicians, pharmacists, all offer actionable intelligence on patient conditions.

If your organization wants to bring scale to services that rely on manually reviewing and abstracting medical records, or augment data analytics solutions with unstructured data, your larger data-driven goals are achievable with the addition of unstructured data via Lumanent Insights.

What more could you accomplish for your clients with Health Fidelity? Contact us to get started.