Health Fidelity Provides Free Report to Provider Partners to Identify Patients for Telehealth Care

Lumanent Pre-Encounter Prep is Re-Engineered to Factor Telemedicine Criteria into Suspecting Report to Help Providers Care for Chronically Ill Patients

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Health Fidelity Inc., a company that provides innovative risk capture solutions for the value-based care era, has adapted its Lumanent Pre-Encounter Prep suspect report to identify telehealth-suitable patients, supporting patient outreach and optimizing clinical resources during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

While acute care providers face equipment shortages and overwhelming patient volumes during the current pandemic, outpatient facilities and physician practices are experiencing a massive decline in patient encounters. Health systems and practices are responding by rapidly enabling telehealth capabilities to address the ongoing care needs of non-infected populations. Yet clear guidance on the types of telemedicine-suitable conditions, eligible member populations, and compatibility with remote HCC confirmation is largely unavailable.

To help navigate this new frontier of remote practice utilization, Health Fidelity is parsing patient data and providing complimentary patient prioritization guidance to its provider partners for the duration of COVID-19 related quarantine efforts. Among other datapoints, the Lumanent Pre-Encounter Prep suspect report will include documented conditions, time passed since the most recent annual wellness visit, individual risk adjustment factor, conditions that can be addressed over telehealth with a composite score that ranks patients who could benefit most from using telehealth.

“Patients with chronic conditions are not requiring any less care during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Health Fidelity chief executive officer Steve Whitehurst said. “We have access to technology that can effectively remove the data barrier to address patient needs by making it as easy as possible for our partners to know who they can reach out to, and what they can accomplish through telehealth visits. Health Fidelity thrives on solving client challenges, and this is one of several steps we’re taking to help our partners support their business during this unprecedented time.”

Whitehurst added that the San Mateo company is already working on next steps, incorporating additional data sources into the free claims-based report to allow for ongoing care planning as the crisis itself and its repercussions unfold over the coming year.

While the new reporting is only available for provider organizations currently engaged with Health Fidelity, any new provider groups that come on board would have access through Lumanent Pre-Encounter Prep, part of the Lumanent Provider workflow suite, an integrated, modular solution to identify, manage, and document population risk.

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