Health Fidelity Launches Comprehensive Solution for Retrospective Risk Adjustment

HF360 Retrospective Risk Adjustment Provides Unprecedented Insights & Transparency into End-to-End Risk Adjustment Process

Health Fidelity, a company that develops innovative technologies for the value-based care era, today launched HF360 Retrospective Risk Adjustment, a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that delivers unprecedented insights, transparency, and control over retrospective risk adjustment

The HF360 Retrospective solution is a flexible suite of services and technologies that can be tailored to meet any risk-bearing entity’s needs, including:

  • Chart chase analytics powered by machine learning that continuously improve targeting algorithms to yield better ROI;
  • Chart retrieval technology that is customizable to provider office preferences for an increase in chart access with minimal provider abrasion;
  • NLP-assisted coding platform that accurately identifies Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs), including those commonly missed with manual coder-only reviews;
  • Coding services for organizations that need additional coding capacity; and
  • Fully integrated compliance and quality assurance protocols to ensure audit-ready results

HF360 Retrospective Risk Adjustment is the only end-to-end retrospective solution that leverages natural language processing (NLP) technology to accurately identify and close gaps in documentation, coding, and submission of risk adjustable conditions. Through the use of technology, the solution provides complete control and visibility into key processes, allowing organizations to better manage progress and performance.

“We regularly hear from our customers about the lack of transparency and ‘black box’ approach that they’ve experienced with other risk adjustment vendors,” said Health Fidelity CEO Steve Whitehurst. “With our technology and customer-oriented approach, we are excited to launch a comprehensive retrospective solution that delivers better results and transparency in more cost effective ways.”

The HF360 Retrospective solution delivers optimal ROI through accurate identification and validation of HCCs to drive improvements in risk score and financial health for risk-bearing entities. Not only does this improve the speed and accuracy of coding, but it also identifies risk factors that would otherwise be missed in manual reviews. NLP and machine-learned analytics also effectively target opportunities for risk capture better than manually-generated algorithms, allowing Health Fidelity to deliver better results for less cost.

“Today, many organizations don’t have a clear view of their risk adjustment program’s ROI and unwittingly leave money on the table,” Whitehurst said. “With the 360-degree view of risk adjustment that our solution provides, organizations can trust Health Fidelity to help transform their risk adjustment programs.”

To learn more about HF360 Retrospective Risk Adjustment, click here.

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Health Fidelity delivers comprehensive, scalable risk adjustment solutions for risk-bearing organizations that participate in Medicare Advantage, ACA, Medicaid, and Medicare ACO programs. With a combination of big data analytics and natural language processing (NLP) technology, Health Fidelity’s modern prospective and retrospective risk adjustment approaches extract valuable insights from medical charts, changing the way risk is identified, quantified, and managed for enhanced operational, clinical, and financial outcomes.

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