Health Fidelity Launches Industry’s First NLP-Powered Risk Adjustment Solution for Providers

HF360 Risk Adjustment Accurately Identifies Risk, Enabling Providers to Optimize Risk Capture and Succeed with Value-Based Payment Models

Health Fidelity, a company that develops innovative technologies for the value-based care era, today announced the launch of HF360 for Providers, the industry’s first comprehensive solution aimed at empowering risk-bearing providers with the technology and support needed to succeed in implementing value-based care models.

HF360 Risk Adjustment for Providers is an end-to-end solution that combines analytics, technology, services, and subject matter expertise to help organizations succeed in risk-sharing programs. To ensure optimal implementation and ROI, Health Fidelity also offers HF360 Blueprint, a consultative service that helps providers benchmark their current risk adjustment status and create a roadmap for continuous improvement.

According to a recent AMGA survey, the lack of data sharing and the poor risk infrastructure are some of the top impediments to risk-based contracting for provider organizations. These obstacles leave executives unable to make risk-related decisions and hesitant to fully embrace the transition to risk-based payment models. Health Fidelity’s solution resolves these obstacles with a robust data-sharing platform and NLP-powered analytics that utilize both administrative and clinical data to accurately capture the risk underlying their patient population.

“Most provider organizations lack the proper technology to acquire and utilize the vast amount of information required to enable accurate risk capture,” said Health Fidelity CEO Steve Whitehurst. “This solution empowers providers to streamline the identification and closure of risk gaps in high-risk populations, and therefore perform better in value-based payment models.”

HF360 Risk Adjustment for Providers is a modular suite of products and services that addresses the specific needs of providers. Unlike other risk adjustment solutions, HF360 Risk Adjustment utilizes Health Fidelity’s industry-leading NLP engine that can deliver the highest accuracy results by utilizing the complete medical record. Designed to fit into existing processes with minimal disruption, the solution organizes risk capture activities into pre-, during and post-patient encounter workflows with the requisite tools and strategies for each phase. With HF360 Risk Adjustment, provider organizations can successfully transition to a value-based payment model with a complete solution that:

  • Provides complete and accurate risk capture for success in risk-based payment models;
  • Optimizes ROI by stratifying high-risk patients and prioritizing outreach;
  • Improves physician engagement through actionable data and targeted educational opportunities
  • Ensures compliance in documentation, coding, and billing practices;
  • Reduces administrative burden with automation that streamlines traditionally manual processes; and
  • Reduces provider friction with targeted gap identification analytics that utilize NLP and advanced machine-learning algorithms.

Unlike traditional risk adjustment solutions that lack flexibility, HF360 Risk Adjustment provides a purpose-built solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of each risk-bearing organization. This holistic approach provides the technological solution providers need, along with the support of a HF360 Blueprint to develop strategies and implementation plans to ensure a successful transition to optimal risk management.

To learn more, visit HF360 Risk Adjustment for Risk-Bearing Providers.


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Health Fidelity delivers comprehensive, scalable risk adjustment solutions for risk-bearing entities that participate in Medicare Advantage, ACA, Medicaid and Medicare ACO programs. With a combination of big data analytics and natural language processing (NLP) technology, Health Fidelity’s modern prospective and retrospective risk adjustment approaches extract valuable insights from medical charts, changing the way risk is identified, quantified and managed for enhanced operational, clinical and financial outcomes.

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